Three ST1300s through Northern California

Three ST1300s through Northern California



My two sons decided to celebrate my sixtieth birthday by biking  Northern California. We rented three Honda ST 1300’s (called Pan European’s in Europe), which in my opinion are easier for European bikers to ride than Harley-Davidsons.

California Motorcycle Adventures helped us to plan and organize the trip. We did almost ten days of a fantastic riding along the Pacific Ocean, throught Giant redwood trees land and Yosemite National Park, ending by Napa Valley and the Monterey area before turning back to San Francisco. Perfect bikes and organisation made us regret ending our trip!

The best for us was the help discovering the important things to see and the good and safe small roads.Thank-you CMA for making this dream of  biking California possible!

Marc, Cedric and Aurelien – Grenoble, French Alps – July 2010