Rented for 20 years – CMA has best support and safety

Rented for 20 years – CMA has best support and safety

What a great shop to rent from.
I have been renting motorcycles all over the USA (and elsewhere in the world) for more than 20 years.
Nowhere else have I seen such meticulous attention to customer support and safety.
Even down to checking that I had enough tire tread for my journey!
The owner SCOTT was informative and very helpful in talking through routes and potential hazards.
He even identified a great little diner a block from his shop “Baji’s ” on Middlefield Road which does the best omelettes!
Just goes to show the difference, renting from a local shop where the owner is clearly a passionate rider more interested in your experience than the sales!
So I set office n. Late 2012 model Ultra classic glide which ran without missing a beat.
My trip started from Mountain view along the freeways up to Stockton on a Friday afternoon which was a bit gnarly but at least with lane splitting (what we call sensible filtering in UK) it was manageable.

From there, I took the stunning 88 all the way through Yosemite to Lake Tahoe where I stayed overnight. The 88 is a must-do route which takes you through desert, alpine forests and even snow (fortunately not on the road!) I stayed in a very cheap motel called the Beverly lodge in south Tahoe which clearly hasn’t seen paint plumbing or general remodeling since about 1942!! Still what do you expect for $45 – at least the towels and sheets were clean.
On Saturday I took an anti clockwise route around the lake and in the early clear sunlight I was treated to some spectacular views form the many vista points around the lake.
On return via south Tahoe, I headed south through Markleeville and on SCOTT’s advice, took the beautiful highway 4, back through Yosemite.
This is one of the most picturesque routes I have taken and it was outstanding riding with more twists and turns than you could desire! I have previously taken the 120,through Yosemite but this was still closed wit snow. There was plenty of snow around the 88 but the roads were perfectly clear and in great condition considering the weather they have to cope with.
After leaving the 88 I took the 49 and 41 south with a view to heading towards bakers vile and ultimately the iconic highway 1 coastal route back toward San Francisco I got to Fresno around 8 pm after a short stop in Coulterville which had some fantastic craft beer cafes (which I couldn’t try of course!)

I ended up checking in to an equally salubrious days inn in Fresno (not my favorite city I have to say) clearly, the plumbing and decor had been done by the same firm from Tahoe!
But again, at $50 a night, the bed was comfortable and clean so hey!
Sunday I set off early and tried my luck at the sometimes closed road from San Lucas through Jolon and into a military base. The road through Fort Hunter Liggett is outstanding it weaves through to riverbeds and dappled sunlight to climb out around 8000 feet into stunning panoramic views of the coast it descends through excellent corkscrew turns and bends (best taken at walking pace!!) down to join the coastal Highway 1 with a clear ride then into Carmel by sea where I enjoyed a great local coffee and a small cigar!
After the delights of Carmel and trying to find parking, I took a leisurely ride along the highway 1 with music blaring from my bike radio and multiple speakers in a complete cliche – listening to the Eagles and Hotel California – I just loved it!
Then it was back to weaving Through traffic up the 17 and back to Milpitas where I stayed before reluctantly taking my delightful ride back to SCOTT.
All in all, a great 3 days and thanks to SCOTT and the team for your advice, friendly help and professional service. (oh and the discount for retired law enforcement)

See you again real soon I hope!

Dave Johnston – Scotland – May 2016