Motorcycle Tour Packages

We Rent Motorcycles for Self-Drive &
Guided Motorcycle Tours and Vacations

Self-Drive Tours

Our staff will be very happy to put together a custom self guided tour for you, including trip routing with maps and hotel accommodations. Ilene, our resident travel agent and trip planner will have a list of questions for you (see example) about your riding style and preferences to arrange your ideal trip!



Guided Motorcyle Tour Packages

However, if you would like a FULLY guided tour, we can arrange that for you as well. California Motorcycle Adventures offers guided tours through several independent motorcycle tour operators. Our Tour FAQ page may answer some general questions about tours. The independent tour operators listed below will give you more detailed information about their tours.

Pashnit Motorcycle ToursPashnit Motorcycle Tours – the result of tens of thousands of miles of riding, thousands of photographs, and hundreds of pages of text- all about California! Your tour guides at Pashnit Motorcycle Tours have compiled a thrilling combination of motorcycle roads, the very best in lodging, and great food to top it off.

Motorcycle Road ToursMotorcycle Road Tours – offers you hassle-free planning for your riding adventures. Guided tours include some of the most scenic roads that Northern California has to offer, as well as the utmost in accommodations, food and entertainment.


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Example Tour Questionaire:

Here is an example of the initial questions our Tour Planner and Travel Agent, Ilene, will ask you so that your Tour Plan will best match your requirements, interests and abillities:

Hello _________,I understand you would like some assistance with trip routing when you come out in ______.  I have a bunch of questions for you so I can better understand your riding style and preferences.  I also need to know how detailed a plan you want.  The two extremes are:  (1) Do you just want some good ideas on roads and lodging or (2) would you like us to provide a day by day plan? or (3) somewhere in between those two?

Please let me know and answer the questions below so we can help you plan a great trip!

Route questions:

  1. Do you already have a route in mind?
  2. Are there any specific sites you wanted to see?

Riding style:

  1. How many hours a day do you like to ride?
  2. What type of riding do you like the best – do you prefer tight technical twisty-turny roads or do you prefer to cruise on gentle sweeping curves?


  1. Do you like to stop and sightsee along the way?
  2. Do you like to hike?


  1. Do you have a specific budget in mind?
  2. Which describes your tastes best:
    1. Bed & Breakfasts
    2. Camping or rustic cabins
    3. Chain motels (ex. Best Western or Holiday Inn)
    4. Boutique Hotels (small but stylish with luxury)
    5. Resorts (serious pampering)