Motorcycle Rental Layaway

Motorcycle Rental Layaway (Pre-Payment) Plan

After a GREAT motorcycling vacation, nothing is more depressing than coming home to a hefty credit card bill. With credit card interest rates climbing into the stratosphere, your interest payments alone can amount to a large chunk of cash. Of course, if you can afford to pay off a huge credit card balance as soon as it hits, this isn’t an issue. But if you are like most people, you will probably be paying down your balance over a number of months – AND THE CREDIT CARD COMPANY WILL BE CHARGING YOU INTEREST!!

If you are going to be making monthly payments, why not make them INTEREST FREE? Most credit card companies do not charge you interest if you pay the balance in FULL each month! Here, at California Motorcycle Adventures, we have a plan that will let you do just that. We call it our “layaway” plan, but if you hail from England, Austrailia or New Zealand, you may be more familiar with the term, “lay-by” plan. No matter what you call it, this plan can save you a bundle of cash.

Motorcycle Rental Financing

Here’s how it works: At the time you make your motorcycle rental reservation, tell us (or check the box on the web reservation form that says “layaway pre-payment option”) and we will set up a pre-payment plan for you.

Typically, we set up a payment schedule with your total motorcycle rental fee being divided into equal monthly payments. Obviously, the farther in advance you make your motorcycle reservation, the more months you will have to spread your total over, and the smaller your monthly payments will be. Of course, the advantage to you, the motorcycle renter, is that these much smaller monthly credit card payments can be paid off by you before you start to incur those sky-high credit card interest charges.

If you are coming to rent a motorcycle from overseas, you may also find that our pre-payment plan gives you some advantage with shifting currency exchange rates, although that benefit is impossible to predict. Also, be aware that even with pre-payment, our rental cancellation and no-show policies are still in effect. If you have any questions on these details, our rental staff will be most happy to give you detailed answers.

By the time you are ready to pick up your Harley Davidson or Honda for your dream vacation or motorcycle tour, your motorcycle rental cost will have already been paid off in easy to meet monthly payments. You can tour the United States in style on your rental motorcycle, knowing that your motorcycling adventure memories won’t be overshadowed by a mountainous credit card balance waiting for you at the end of your journey.