Honda Motorcycle Rentals

Honda Motorcycle Rentals

If Hollywood were to remake the classic motorcycling movie, Easy Rider, Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper would no doubt be touring the United States on Honda Goldwing motorcycles. That’s because the Honda Goldwing is “the greatest touring bike ever made.” It says so right on the Honda website (where they spell it: “Gold Wing,” but everybody else spells it “Goldwing,” so what does Honda know anyway?)

But here, at California Motorcycle Adventures, we have to agree with Honda: for long-range luxury and the sporting power that comes from a six-cylinder engine running smooth as silk, nothing can beat a Goldwing, and there’s really no other motorcycle you can compare it to. If you’ve never ridden (or rented) a Honda Goldwing, you are in for an experience. Just consider what this premiere touring motorcycle features:

All of our Honda Goldwing 1800 rental motorcycles come standard with cruise control, adjustable rear suspension and windshield, lockable trunk and saddlebags, and a premium sound system. Our Honda Goldwing Deluxe rental motorcycles also feature a built-in GPS navigation system, ABS braking, and heated seats and hand-grips (which you will learn to love on those long, cold night rides.)

If six cylinders seems like too much and your idea of motorcycle touring has you really leaning in to those sweeping turns and carving deep into the twisties, may we recommend that you rent one of our Honda ST1300 Sport Touring Motorcycles. With four fuel-injected cyclinders the V-4 Honda ST1300 engine pumps out plenty enough power for any sport-riding enthusiast, plus it puts you out in front in almost any riding situation you can imagine. (But be careful, Honda also makes an ST1300 Police motorcycle, and that’s not one you should try to outrun.)

But the ST1300 is not just a sport bike, it’s also a touring motorcycle featuring spacious hard case saddlebags (fully detachable), as well as a versatile rear luggage rack. Here at California Motorcycle Adventures we can give you even more storage capacity by mounting a Givi Top Box onto that luggage rack at no extra charge.

Now if you are coming to California from Europe, you may know the Honda ST1300 by the name Honda ST1300 Pan European. That’s the name it is marketed and sold under in Europe, but you will find, when you come here to rent a Honda ST1300 from us, that it is the same Pan European motorcycle you are familiar with.


All of our Honda rental motorcycles are thoroughly inspected before and after every rental, and are expertly serviced according to a strict maintenance schedule. Also, having a master mechanic like Scott Mindich as owner / operator of California Motorcycle Adventures ensures that we will provide you with a rental motorcycle that has been precision tuned and thoroughly tested for performance, reliability and most importantly,SAFETY.

That’s why SO many of our riders write back to us and say things like: “The total ride was 7 days, 1150 miles with not one single problem on the entire trip” (Incredible Honda Goldwing Journeyand “The bike (a black Sport-Touring Honda ST1300 with Givi TopBox) was great” (Two-Up on a Honda ST1300 through Big Sur and the Sierras).

We will be looking forward to hearing back from you about your experience renting a Honda motorcycle from California Motorcycle Adventures.