Harley Davidson Tours

Harley Davidson Tours


With our $99/day Harley Davidson Rentals, it has become even more affordable to rent a Harley for your tour of California or the West Coast. California Motorcycle Adventures rents two kinds of Harleys: Touring Harley Davidsons, which obviously, are designed for touring and carrying a lot of gear securely, safely and comfortably over long distances, and Harley Davidson Cruisers, which are also suited to touring with some creative packing (thank god for bungee cords).

Harley Davidson motorcycles have become much more reliable than they were decades ago, but even so, having a master Harley mechanic like Scott Mindich as owner / operator of California Motorcycle Adventures practically guarantees a trouble-free touring vacation when you rent a Harley Davidson from us.

Our rental Harley Davidsons are rigorously inspected before and after every rental, and are expertly serviced according to a strict maintenance schedule. That’s why SO many of our riders write back to us and say things like: “none of the bikes missed a beat once that week” (Four riders, four Harleys, 1500 milesand “it ran faultlessly for the whole trip of nearly 3000 miles and returned somewhere around 50 miles to the gallon” (Two weeks on a Harley Electra Glide, two upand “The bike (a Red and Black Touring Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Classic) was well prepared and never missed a beat and every one of our 1500 miles was done with a smile on our faces.” (Electra Glide Classic in California)

OK, so our bikes will get you there, but where is “there?” That’s where our customized trip planning services come in. For those who choose a “self-drive” Harley Davidson tour, our resident travel expert, Ilene Mindich (a Harley riding biker babe herself) will prepare an itinerary that’s tailored to your riding style and ability, time-frame, and budget as well include all the sights you want to see.

If you prefer a fully guided Harley Davidson tour, Ilene can arrange those as well, in cooperation with excellent motorcycle guided tour companies that we partner with in California. You can arrange for a private guided tour, or you can join a group with other riders of similar interests, although not every rider in your group will necessarily be riding a Harley…

But you will, because you rented an ultra-reliable and completely comfortable motorcycle for your Harley Davidson tour / vacation from California Motorcycle Adventures.