California Motorcycling Roads

California Roads for Motorcycle Rides, Touring and Holiday Vacations

Road videos from the driver’s point of view:

Take a virtual ride (via helmet-cam videos) of fabulous motorcycle roads near our Mountain View rental location, courtesy of Destination Highways NorCal
(Click the links in the list of roads below to watch the online videos.)

Destination Highways

In the Santa Cruz Mountains (right out our back door!):

Alice’s Restaurant Road (DH55) – Along the crest of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Look to east and see San Francisco Bay, look to the west and see the Pacific Ocean!! [has 4  side roads (Twisted Edges)]

Apple Jack’s (DH28) – An old stagecoach route, going over the Santa Cruz Mountains from San Francisco Bay to the Pacific Coast Highway. [has 4  side roads (Twisted Edges)]

Big Basin Way (DH39) – San Jose to Santa Cruz, one of the local’s favorite. Go through the old town of Saratoga, over the mountain to Boulder Creek, then down to Santa Cruz. Don’t forget to check out the Giant Redwood Trees in Big Basin Redwood State Park. [has 6  side roads (Twisted Edges)]

Empire Grade Road (DH74) – Twist and turn through the Santa Cruz Mountains. Just plain FUN!! [has 9  side roads (Twisted Edges)]

California’s Wine Country
 (about 45 minutes North of San Francisco):

Napa Valley – Central Valley (DH34) – Start in Calistoga, hit the wineries, jump into the natural hot springs, then head out on the highway towards the Central Valley. [has 9 side roads (Twisted Edges)]

Calistoga DH48 [has 2 TEs] & DH53 [has 12 TEs]) – Don’t feel like going to the coast? Get off the beaten track, and take the back hills loop.

Along the Russian Coast
 (North of the Golden Gate):

Pacific Coast (DH37) – North over the Golden Gate Bridge. Through Muir Woods, over Mt. Tamalpias, and then along the Pacific Coast. [has 14  side roads (Twisted Edges)]

More Pacific Coast (DH29) – You say you did not have enough of the Northern California Coast yet? The best is coming!! After you completed DH37, head up the coast and stop in Bodega Bay (remember Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”), and get a snack at the restaurant on the Bay. Then just continue north, you won’t be sorry!! [has 9 side roads (Twisted Edges)]

Great Riding Roads for Motorcycles

These West Coast highways and byways call out to motorcycle riders with the promise of two-wheeling adventure. (Click or tap any photo to start full size slideshow)

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